Research and testing center

Research and testing center

The RT-Polyplast research and testing center (RTC) has been created for carrying out fundamental and applied research in all areas of the enterprise activity. The main objective of RTC is to carry out research and testing aimed at the development of new products, improvement of physical, mechanical and processing behaviour of products and introduction of innovative technologies for the production of polymeric materials.

Our RTC of RT-Polyplast is equipped with modern high-tech laboratory equipment, which allows implementing a full range of analysis of input products used in the production of polymeric materials, as well as carrying out advanced complex physical and mechanical tests of finished products.

RTC specialists of RT-Polyplast are developing new formulations of polyurethane elastomers according to the technical requirements of Customers. The number of tried and tested recipes allows us to synthesize polyurethane elastomers on the basis of simple and complex polyester with a hardness from Shore A 45 to Shore D 64.

The high level of professionalism of the staff of the Research and Testing Center allows us to provide technical support for the use and processing of our products.

RTC of RT-Polyplast is focused on innovative discoveries and search for unique solutions to the most complicated problems in the research of polymeric materials.

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